Design with embracing the outdoors in mind, the  Cottage 85 is the perfect solution for your small family.
This one-story modern lines Prefabricated house spread on 85 meters square of compact, fully
equipped, well integrated, yet spacious interior spaces.

Our Prefabricated COTTAGE 85 are built at our private factory in Bali, delivered in modules and then installed on site. This method allows greater control over the building process and efficiency in terms of materials, time and money.

Unveil Your Balinese Bliss: Embrace Island Luxury in an 85sqm Villa Wood House

Imagine waking up to the gentle symphony of crashing waves and rustling palm leaves. Sunlight filters through lush greenery, painting dappled patterns on the warm wood of your spacious 85sqm villa. This isn’t just a home; it’s a portal to paradise, a sanctuary crafted from nature’s finest materials and imbued with the soul of Bali.

Step inside and be enveloped by the embrace of natural elegance. Soaring ceilings and an open-plan layout create a sense of expansive freedom, while strategically placed windows blur the lines between indoors and out, immersing you in the vibrant tapestry of Balinese nature.

Sustainability meets luxury in every corner. Responsibly sourced timber forms the foundation of your haven, its rich texture and earthy tones exuding a sense of tranquility. Eco-conscious design principles ensure minimal environmental impact, allowing you to tread lightly on this precious island paradise.

Your 85sqm villa is a celebration of space and versatility. A well-equipped gourmet kitchen invites you to whip up tropical delights, while a cozy living area beckons you to unwind with a good book, gather for laughter-filled evenings, or simply bask in the balmy tropical air.



The structure is suspended on stilts to minimize the impact of full slab foundation, keep the floor away from moisture, facilitate natural cooling and provide direct access for maintenance of infrastructure. Its lightweight design means it can be built even on steep hillsides.

Walls and roofs are heavily insulated for sound and heat with air flow cavities for additional heat dissipation. Essential in the tropics and reducing the dependency on AC.

Windows and doors open the view to both sides, providing an extremely wide panoramic and seamless connection with the outdoors taking full advantage of the climate.

Equipped with low consumption appliances connected to a smart-home system (controlled by phone), its efficient to operate and maintain. As with all Exuberance Studio Prefabs, it is customizable to suit individual needs and moveable making it suitable for leasehold land.

Everything you need and nothing you don’t, at an affordable price.

But the true magic unfolds as you step outside onto your private terrace. Imagine sinking into a plush sun lounger, the gentle ocean breeze caressing your skin as you sip a refreshing cocktail. Take a dip in your shimmering swimming pool, surrounded by lush greenery and bathed in the golden glow of the setting sun.

Ascend the charming staircase to your loft bedroom, a private retreat nestled amidst the rafters. This sanctuary offers a bird’s-eye view of your lush surroundings, transforming into a haven for restful nights lulled by the whisper of palm leaves. Wake up to the golden rays of dawn filtering through the leaves, painting the room in a warm glow.

Living in an 85sqm villa wood house isn’t just about having more space; it’s about living deliberately. It’s about appreciating quality over quantity, reconnecting with nature, and creating a space that reflects your unique soul. It’s about embracing the simple joys of island life and finding paradise within your own four walls.

Ready to make your Bali villa dream a reality? Contact us today and let’s turn your vision into a tangible haven. We’ll guide you through every step of the process, from choosing the perfect design to navigating the construction with ease.

Remember, size doesn’t define happiness. Welcome to your 85sqm slice of Bali bliss.

Cottage 85 floorplan


Decking (59.7 sqm)


Living area (20.8 sqm)


Kitchen / Dinning (18.2 sqm)


Bathroom (7 sqm)




Swimming pool (20 sqm)


Considered design

Contemporary, functional and sustainable, our home designs are purposefully created to integrate harmoniously with the environment. Our collection is made for owners that want a low risk / high quality house suited to all climate and locations.

Sustainable building

Using locally sourced, renewable, and sustainable building materials along with limiting wastage during the construction process, our eco-friendly approach to building design and construction addresses the needs of the present without compromising the future.

Energy efficient

Climate responsive and operationally efficient, our homes harness natural resources to provide a healthy indoor living environment, keeping you comfortable, safe and happy.

Comfort + wellbeing

Designed to increase air circulation, maximise cross-flow ventilation and improve indoor air quality by using low-toxic materials, you can breathe easy in your prefabricated home.

Precision craftsmanship

Made in our secure construction facility in Denpasar, our building designs are blending contemporary architecture with the natural environment. Every detail is considered and each home is thoughtfully created from frames to finishes.

What our customer say

It was an absolute pleasure working with Exuberance Studio. Syl was very professional and great to work with! They exceeded my expectations and will definitely be working with them again in the future. Highly recommend !!

Had a great overall experience with Sylvere as his team. he was very professional and knowledgeable of the codes. Their plans for my new cottage where very accurate and permitting was a breeze